S2 016: “Jason & Sean”

In 2017, Jason was sitting in jail, kicking heroin when he had the idea for Addicts Fighting Back: a nonprofit organization of people in recovery, fighting back against the disease of addiction by organizing fun events for people in recovery, and building friendships and connections. Sean got out of jail in 2018, joined the AFB Facebook group and said, “let’s blow this thing up” and that’s exactly what they’re doing y’all.

Today, AFB is growing rapidly, with chapters in Utah County, Salt Lake County and plans to expand into Orange County.  Give this episode a listen to hear Jason and Sean’s stories and their belief in service. Andy and Sean also talk about the burdon of living with felonies while trying not to harbor poisonous resentment. Sean processes his anger by listening to uplifting music and Andy does it by talking about eating butts.

Andy Gold

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