S2 017: “Randall”

Randall was the lead anchor for channel 4 news in Salt Lake City. Before ubiquitous internet news and streaming services, network television news dominated the airways. Every night, hundreds of thousands of Utahans would tune in to hear Randall’s professional, objective takes on the happenings of the times. Randall was a trusted and well-liked source of information for years and years.

He also spent decades drinking until he blacked out…every. single. night. Randall justified his alcoholism because he was making a comfortable living and was a good provider. Despite the fact that his drinking cost him four marriages and countless memories, Randall continued to drink until passing out every night for decades. Give this episode a listen to hear about Randall‘s realization that no amount of money or prestige could make up for all the destroyed memories and relationships. He could no longer deny the extreme danger of his behavior, it was time for him to begin his journey back to sanity.

Today, Randall has nine years clean and sober. He is incredibly grateful that his drinking didn’t destroy his liver or cause him permanent brain damage; he is mindful of so many other alcoholics who were not so lucky. Randall now works at the Odyssey House in Salt Lake City, using his knowledge of the media to spread awareness and education about the disease of addiction. His new job doesn’t have the glamour or celebrity recognition of his old job, but the feeling he gets being of service to people in recovery brings him more joy than being the top news anchor in Salt Lake City ever could bring him.

Andy Gold

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