S2 018: “Brandon & Shianne”

Early in my recovery, I had resentment for anyone who’s definition of recovery wasn’t the same as my definition of recovery. After a while, it became clear that my opinions were fueled by nothing but resentment and that wasn’t helping me or anyone else. I went through hellacious withdrawals and wanted everyone else to experience the same, otherwise they didn’t deserve to call themselves “clean”.

Thankfully my opinions have evolved and the definition of recovery is becoming broader and the value of harm reduction is becoming obvious. Brandon and Shianne stop by to talk about how cannabis and pain management have helped them live improved lives that are less painful and more producive. They also talk about the backlash from some of their old friends in recovery.

Today, Brandon and Shianne run the Addicted We Stand Facebook group with 20k members. AWS serves as online resource offering support to people in recovery, as well as being a platform to have conversations about a variety of paths to recovery. The way you recover might not be the same as the way others recover – and that’s OK.

Andy Gold

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